Pushpa the Rise Movie Review

Pushpa the Rise Movie Review

Director: Sukumar
Movie Type: Action, Adventure, Crime
Duration: 2 Hours 59 Mins

If you want to know why Hindi makers are not able to make good masala films, then the answer will be found in Pushpa: The Rise. Looking at Allu Arjun, you will find that Hindi heroes are leaving the ground and sitting in the sky.

Pushpa the Rise Movie Story

In Pushpa's story, you may feel that what is new in this movie story? But movie style-a-statement is new. According to its time and era. Its hero is in stark contrast to the sleek-eyed faces of Bollywood. Allu is bold and proud of his position in the movie. His self-confidence, his stature and manner of walking make him different from the Bollywood stars of today.

This is the story of a boy named Pushpa Raj. One who starts his career as a labourer as shown in the movie. But his form is such that he does not bow down in front of anyone ever. You can call it his Attitude / Arrogance, whatever you want to name it. He doesn't like taking orders from anyone. But there is a frustration behind his behaviour. In this turn, he leaves the job and becomes a part of the illegal business of red sandalwood in Seshachalam area. 

Due to his attitude and style of working, he soon reaches the heights in this field of illegal business. In a way, he becomes the kingpin of red sandalwood smuggling at the local level. Then he encounters a police officer named Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat, who is as stubborn as Pushpa. The clash between these two gives spice for the climax of this movie and 'Pushpa Part 2'.

with his 'brain and audacity', he becomes the head of the syndicate by ousting the established smugglers and gangsters, Pushpa the rise is a story that has been repeated many times in Bollywood films, but this time makes you feel some new

Acting in Pushpa the Rise Movie

If the film is being liked, then there are 2 big reasons for it, the attitude and style of Allu Arjun and the color of the film storyline, that is, the story of red sandalwood. 'Flower nahi fire hai main', this single dialogue is enough to tell Allu Arjun's attitude. 

You will get to see a glimpse of Rajinikanth of 'Kaala', Shahid Kapoor of 'Kabir Singh', Yash of 'KGF' and Ranveer Singh of 'Padmaavat', same beard, same attitude but the director Sukumar has to be praised for he Not only did he leave the entire movie to Allu Arjun, but he found a character who would look like the real character of that story, planned each scene in such a way that it seemed that the mind had been put,

After a very long time in Hindi Cinema world, it is seen that the audience should remember the style of the hero and some try to copy it. From the making of the film to the work of all the actors, the whole matter is going to be tied here. Once you start watching a movie, you want to watch it fully and time fly.

Pushpa the Rise Movie Direction

The Hindi dialogues of Pushpa: The Rise are well written and dubbed. Dressed in the groove of an interesting story, all the fun of a masala film comes in Pushpa: The Rise.

The story of a laborer becoming the uncrowned king of the crime world is not new, but director and writer Sukumar has presented it in a new way keeping in mind today's audience. However, after the interval, Sukumar's grip seems to be loose from both direction and screenplay. The reason for this is the long starcast of the film. 
After a while, it seems that it could have been wrapped up in a single part. But then there is the entry of Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat (Fahad Faasil) in the last half hour of the film. The expectations that Pushpa and Bhanwar's enmity scenes were, remain unfulfilled. This is completely Allu Arjun's film.

Pushpa the Rise Movie watch or not watch

Saamne koi bhi ho main jhuke ka nahi, Pushpa naam sunke ke flower samjhe kya flower nahi fire hai main dialogues created the history in the Hindi cinema. Samantha prabhu item song gore gore mukhde par... and Allu's dance number yeh mera adda... are both really fun to watch and listen anytime. For sure its worth watching the movie, you will enjoy watching the movie as i did.

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