Fighter Hindi Movie Review

Fighter Story:

"Fighter" takes us into the adrenaline-pumping world of the Indian Air Force, following the journey of Shamsher "Patty" Pathania (Hrithik Roshan), a hotshot pilot with a burning desire to prove himself. Patty's unwavering dedication and raw talent are undeniable, but his impulsiveness and reckless streak often land him in trouble. When tensions escalate with a neighboring country, Patty finds himself at the forefront of a daring mission that could tip the scales of war. Alongside his co-pilot and love interest, Minal "Minni" Joseph (Deepika Padukone), Patty must confront his inner demons and overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to emerge as a true hero.


Hrithik Roshan delivers a captivating performance as Patty, effortlessly portraying the swagger and vulnerability of a fighter pilot. He shines in the high-octane action sequences, pulling off gravity-defying stunts with convincing ease. Deepika Padukone provides a strong counterpoint as Minni, a level-headed pilot who keeps Patty grounded. Their on-screen chemistry, though not electrifying, is believable and adds a touch of tenderness to the story. The supporting cast, including Karan Singh Grover and Anil Kapoor, is equally impressive, adding depth and nuance to the narrative.


Director Siddharth Anand, known for his penchant for high-budget spectacle, excels in crafting breathtaking aerial sequences. The dogfights are masterfully choreographed and executed, offering a visceral experience that throws you right into the cockpit. However, Anand's love for grandiosity occasionally overshadows the emotional core of the story. The melodrama, particularly in the romantic scenes, feels somewhat forced and could have benefited from a subtler touch.

Watch or Not Watch?

If you're looking for a high-octane adrenaline rush with stunning visuals and top-notch action sequences, "Fighter" definitely delivers. Hrithik Roshan's charisma and the film's patriotic undertones will resonate with Bollywood fans. However, those seeking a deeper exploration of character and a more nuanced narrative might find themselves wanting.


3.5 out of 5 stars

Recommendation: Watch it for the thrilling action sequences, Hrithik Roshan's performance, and a potent dose of patriotism.

Additional Notes:

  • The film's soundtrack is composed by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and features several catchy tunes that complement the action and emotional beats of the story.
  • The visual effects are top-notch, creating a realistic and immersive world of fighter jets and aerial combat.
  • "Fighter" has been praised for its portrayal of the Indian Air Force and its message of patriotism, but some critics have found it overly nationalistic.

Overall, "Fighter" is a visually stunning and action-packed film that offers a thrilling ride through the world of fighter pilots. While the story might not be groundbreaking, the performances, action sequences, and technical aspects are sure to leave you entertained.

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