Animal Hindi Movie Review

Cast: Ranbir Kapoor · Ranvijay Singh ; Anil Kapoor · Balbir Singh ; Bobby Deol · Abrar ul Haque ; Rashmika Mandanna · Geetanjali Singh ; Triptii Dimri

Sandeep Reddy Vanga, the director who brought us the controversial yet captivating Arjun Reddy, returns with Animal, a wild and untamed Hindi film that promises to leave audiences both exhilarated and disturbed. Animal is not for the faint of heart; it's a plunge into the dark underbelly of human desire, where ambition and animalistic instincts collide with devastating consequences. So, prepare yourself for a visceral experience that will challenge your notions of morality and leave you questioning the very essence of humanity.

Animal Movie Story:

Animal delves into the twisted minds of two brothers, Vikrant (Ranbir Kapoor) and Kabir (Bobby Deol), who are consumed by a thirst for power and vengeance. Vikrant, the elder, is a calculating mastermind who manipulates his way to the top of the political food chain. Kabir, the younger, is a volatile force of nature, fueled by primal rage and a thirst for violence. As their paths diverge and converge, their sibling rivalry explodes into a bloody conflict that threatens to engulf the entire city in chaos. The narrative weaves themes of family, betrayal, and the corrupting influence of power, creating a potent cocktail of thrills and chills.

Animal Movie Cast:

Ranbir Kapoor delivers a career-defining performance as Vikrant. He sheds his boyish charm to portray a charismatic yet ruthless politician whose descent into darkness is both terrifying and mesmerizing. Bobby Deol is equally impressive as Kabir, his unpredictable outbursts and raw intensity make him a captivating villain. Anil Kapoor adds gravitas as the brothers' powerful father, while Rashmika Mandanna offers a glimmer of hope and redemption as the woman caught in the crossfire. The supporting cast, including Tabu and Ayushmann Khurrana in special appearances, is equally remarkable, adding depth and nuance to the narrative.

Animal Movie Direction:

Vanga's direction is nothing short of audacious. He pushes the envelope with graphic violence, explicit sexuality, and morally ambiguous characters. His camera lingers on the grotesque and the unsettling, forcing viewers to confront the ugliness that lurks beneath the surface of our civilized world. However, Vanga's bold choices are not mere shock tactics; they serve to underscore the film's thematic core, exploring the primal instincts that reside within us all.

Animal Movie Music:

Amit Trivedi's music is both pulsating and unsettling, mirroring the film's frenetic pace and dark undertones. The songs are catchy yet infused with a sense of unease, perfectly reflecting the characters' internal struggles and the moral quagmire they find themselves in. The background score is equally effective, adding layers of suspense and dread that keep you on the edge of your seat.

Watch or Not Watch Animal Movie?

Animal is not for everyone. Its graphic violence, complex themes, and morally ambiguous characters might be too much for some viewers. However, for those seeking a powerful and thought-provoking cinematic experience, Animal is a must-watch. It's a film that will linger with you long after the credits roll, forcing you to confront uncomfortable truths about yourself and the world around you.

Verdict: Animal is a raw, unflinching exploration of the human psyche. Vanga's bold direction, the stellar performances, and the haunting music create a film that is both exhilarating and disturbing. While it may not be for everyone, Animal is an undeniable cinematic achievement that pushes the boundaries of Indian cinema and forces us to confront the darkness within ourselves.

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