Chidiakhana Hindi Movie review

Chidiakhana is a 2023 Indian Hindi-language sports drama film directed by Manish Tiwary and produced by Ronnie Screwvala under his banner RSVP Movies. The film stars Ritvik Sahore, Rajeshwari Sachdev, Prashant Narayanan, and Sahil Vaid in the lead roles. The film follows the story of a young boy from Bihar who moves to Mumbai and pursues his dream of becoming a professional footballer.

Chidiakhana Storyline

The film begins with Sooraj (Ritvik Sahore) and his mother, Bibha (Rajeshwari Sachdev), arriving in Mumbai from Bihar. They are both from poor families, and they are both hoping for a better life in Mumbai. Sooraj is a talented footballer, and he dreams of playing professionally one day.

Sooraj soon joins a local football club, and he quickly becomes one of the best players on the team. However, he faces discrimination from the other players, who are all from wealthy families. Sooraj also faces challenges from his coach, Pratap Bhai (Prashant Narayanan), who believes that Sooraj is not good enough to play professionally.

Despite the challenges, Sooraj never gives up on his dream. He trains hard, and he eventually proves himself to his coach and his teammates. Sooraj is eventually selected to play for the Mumbai team, and he helps them to win the state championship.

Chidiakhana Acting

The acting in Chidiakhana is one of the film's strongest points. Ritvik Sahore gives a standout performance as Sooraj. He brings the character to life with his charisma, passion, and determination. Rajeshwari Sachdev is also excellent as Sooraj's mother. She is warm and supportive, and she brings a lot of heart to the film. Prashant Narayanan is also impressive as Pratap Bhai. He is tough and demanding, but he also has a soft spot for Sooraj.

Chidiakhana Direction

Manish Tiwary does an excellent job directing Chidiakhana. He creates a heartwarming and inspiring film with a strong message about perseverance and overcoming obstacles. The film is full of heart, and it is sure to resonate with viewers of all ages.

Watch or not watchChidiakhana?

If you are looking for a heartwarming and inspiring film, then you should definitely watch Chidiakhana. It is a well-made film with a great story and excellent performance. However, if you are looking for a more serious or thought-provoking film, then you may want to look elsewhere.

Overall, Chidiakhana is a great film that is sure to please fans of sports dramas and coming-of-age films. It is a well-made film with a great story and excellent performance. If you are looking for a heartwarming and inspiring film, then you should definitely check it out.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Here are some additional thoughts on the film:

  • The film is beautifully shot, with stunning cinematography that captures the energy and excitement of football.
  • The film is a great coming-of-age story, and it follows Sooraj's journey from a young boy with big dreams to a professional footballer.
  • The film is a great reminder that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.
  • The film is sure to inspire viewers of all ages to follow their dreams.

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