Thalaivi Movie Review

Thalaivi Review

Director: A. L. Vijay
Movie Type: Biography, Drama
Duration: 2 Hours 33 mins

Kangana Ranaut's film'Thalaivi', which was in the captions for a long time, is now ready to buzz the theaters. As everyone knows, it's the biopic of Jayalalithaa, a well-known South actress and 6- time CM of Tamil Nadu. The caravan of the film has entered a lot of praise and the film also doesn't fail you. Called Amma for her devotee and followers, Amu for her tutor, and Thalaivi ( leader) for her party, Kangana proves to be twenty in every subcaste of Jayalalithaa. 

Thalaivi Movie Story

The story of the film takes place at the assembly site of the famous political event when Jayalalithaa (Kangana Ranaut) is humiliated by members of Karuna's (Nassar) party by abusing her and pulling the pallu of her sari to the ground. At that moment, hissing like a hurt serpent, Jayalalithaa challenges that she will return to this assembly as chief minister. The story then goes back to the past, where teenager Jaya tries to become a heroine in films with her mother Sandhya (Bhagyashree) after dropping out of school. Till the intermission, the story traces the love story of Jaya becoming the heroine of the film and South Superstar MG Ramachandran (Aravind Swamy). After the interval, the story depicts the story of Jayalalithaa's rise to the political scene by becoming Amma and reaching the top. In this story Jayalalithaa's journey from floor to Arsh. A portrayal of a woman's self-respect and malevolent mindset, in which Jayalalithaa has to face constant inferiority and hindrance not only in films but also in a political career, but how she holds the strings of her selfless love, on the strength of her passion, on the CM's chair.

Acting in Thalaivi

When as an audience you see Kangana as Jayalalithaa on screen, you get an idea why the director would have been the first choice for this character. Kangana has given a powerful performance as Jayalalithaa. Be it the lightness of Kishori Jaya or the fierce form of Amma, Kangana manages to play every subcaste veritably well. She roars like a lioness to cover her tone- regard and shows a selfless love for her nut. Her broken blouse, Gaudi makeup, flowery stretched haircut, and body language beautifully embodies the 70-80s South heroine. Arvind Swami has given him a lot of support in the form of MGR. They bring MGR to life on screen. Nassar has been doing well in the part of Karunanidhi, but his part didn't get important screen space. Raj Arjun as MGR's coworker RMV has proved to be the surprise package of the film. His strong amusement is the else point of the film. Bhagyashree plays her part beautifully in the part of Kangana's mama. Madhu is seen in a small part of MGR's woman. The supporting cast is according to the story. 

A.L. Vijay Direction

There's no mistrustfulness that director Vijay has portrayed this fabulous character as larger than life on screen as well. Everyone knows that Jayalalithaa, known as the Amma of Tamil Nadu, has been bogged in allegations of corruption and difficulties throughout her political career, but as filmmakers frequently do, she avoids depicting controversial aspects while making a biography. Then to the director did the same. All his focus was on the pure love story of MGR and Jayalalithaa and also on the climax of her political career. The director A L Vijay has expedited the developments of the story. They capture the background of the 80s-90s impeccably. Political rallies and crowd scenes during MGR's death have come important. So much dialogue has been kept in the film to empower Kangana's character. You also remember some discourses. Vijendra Prasad's music disappoints. The casting of the film is strong and Neeta Lulla's costumes prove to be helpful in depicting that period. 

Why watch Thalaivi

The film can be watched for Kangana's strong performance and her appetite to know about Jayalalithaa's life. 

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