Bhuj The Pride of India Review

Ajay DevgnSanjay DuttSonakshi SinhaAmmy Virk
Movie type: Action, Drama, History
Duration: 1 Hour 53 Mins

The Incredible Patriotic Story Of Ajay Devgn Starrer 'Bhuj: Pride Of India' Overdose Of Melodrama

The patriotism story 'Bhuj: Pride of India' is based on was an example of the unprecedented courage and wisdom of Indian soldiers and 300 women. In the Indo-Pak war of 1971, then in Bhuj and Kutch, he defeated Pakistan again after the 1965 war, armed with heavy ammunition, weapons and soldiers. The people of the neighbouring country were saved from Pakistan and gave them a different identity on the world map. There was one brave soldier from India's side in this war. If we go only in his journey, then many films should be prepared. There was bravery, sacrifice, commitment in everyone's personality.

Storyline of Bhuj The Pride of India

The first 20 minutes of the film are dedicated to Pakistani attacks. The manner in which Lieutenant Vikram Singh and Vijay Karnik are protecting Pakistani fighter planes, it is not considered standard. Neither in terms of storytelling nor visually. In those 20 minutes, the entry of different brave warriors is also happening like bomb blasts. It can be a bit difficult for the viewer to understand which airbases are being attacked or the war is being fought to avoid them.

The visuals and sound effects in the film seem to take the audience straight from the screen to the battlefield in fragments. Missiles fired from warships do not bring roaring effect. All of them are able to bring about the same effect as the war zone of a basic video game. What has gone wrong with Ajay Devgan, who gave a visual delight film like 'Shivaay', only he can answer. The slogan dialogues used to bring excitement to the film also seem exaggerated. 

Bhuj The Pride of India cast

Barring Vijay Karnik and Vikram Singh, all the other characters are loud. Nora Fatehi has tried her best in Detective Heena Rehman, but her every next move has become very predictable. Pranitha Subhash in the role of Vijay Karnik's wife Usha Karnik does not have a single dialogue in the entire film. He exists just like a effigy. Sonakshi has definitely left an impact in the role of Sundarben. He has given the necessary strength to the role of Gujarati Veerangana. Amy Virk in the role of Vikram Singh is the find of the film. After Diljit Dosanjh as a turbaned actor, the industry has got another better actor in his form. Sanjay Dutt is ineffective in the role of Ranchoddas Pagi. Navni Parihar has definitely brought a grace in the role of Indira Gandhi.

Bhuj The Pride of India Direction

Here director Abhishek Dudhaiya is left in turning this unique story into a great film. They had so much to say, they are all confused.
A big mistake from the makers has been made on the front of the cast for the Pakistani forces and the rulers there. Neither their screen presence nor dialogue delivery is effective. If the soldier is from Pakistan, then he must have a cigar in his hands. That would be the womanizer. All this cliche has been seen many times. Here is a repeat of them all. Manoj Kumar's grandson Vansh Goswami has also debuted in it, but he needs to do more work. The film's DOP has also taken most of the close shots. He used to be in the war movies of the bygone era.

Watch or Not Bhuj The Pride of India

Seeing Ajay Devgan in the role of Vijay Karnik, it seemed that he was alone in the role of one man army of the film. In some scenes, he is seen in his own color. Especially when he succeeds in awakening the spirit of patriotism among the villagers through his speech and poetry. In the rest of the film, he is seen as a human being carrying the burden of the entire film on his shoulders.

If you fan of Ajay Devgn, Sonakshi Sinha and Patriotic for India for sure you can watch saga between India and Pakistan 1965 war. 

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