Artists Ayushman Khurana, Jitendra Kumar, Gajraj Rao, Neena Gupta
Director Hitesh kevalya
Movie Type Comedy
Duration 2 hours 10 minutes

Everyday we have to fight a fight in life, but the fight that happens with the family is the biggest and the most dangerous. Produced by Anand L. Rai and directed by Hitesh Kevalya, this dialogue of 'Shubh Mangal Aur Beware' narrates the helplessness and struggle of the gay community. Indeed, even though the law has excluded homose-xuality as a crime, the homose-xual community has to suffer hatred, reproach and rejection from their own families in the form of homophobia. The film proves to be successful in proving the point that just making laws will not make the matter, it is also important to have social counseling that homose-xuality is not a disease but nature, nature and you cannot hate it.

Early in the story, it becomes clear that Karthik (Ayushmann Khurrana) is gay and is in love with Aman Tripathi (Jitendra Kumar). Their real struggle is when Sharu sees Aman's father Shankar Tripathi (Gajraj Rao) kissing them in the train during Aman's marriage to the cousin. Aman's father could not even understand the homose-xuality of his son that the truth of their relationship is revealed to everyone during marriage. After that, in the love of both, an attempt is made to build many walls.

Karthik is beaten up. In the joint family, the mother (Nina Gupta) tries to convince Aman that brother, sister, uncle and aunt are the cures for this disease. The mother also performs the ritual of giving a new birth to the Pandit ji after performing the Karm-Kandh and performing the last rites of Aman. Moreover, the father also forces Aman to marry, by attempting and threatening suicide. Aman agrees to marry for father and family. But Karthik continues to convince Aman that he will have to come forward for his love? Do Karthik and Aman achieve family acceptance with their se-xuality? You have to watch the film to know it.

There have been many earlier films on homose-xuality, but director Hitesh has shown it in a very funny and entertaining way. Many of the earlier films focused more on the homose-xuality of homose-xuals, while it emphasized the issue of family acceptance. The director has not spent any time in developing the plot of the story. He has tried to tell that love has no gender. What keeps the film from being a relitic as well as a comic color is the constant movement of a family from a small town like Allahabad to the backdrop. Yes, the film is also prechi at times.

The director has also shown haste in filming Climax. The first half of the film is much stronger. There are many dialogues of the film like 'Shankar Tripathi Sick Very Sick, the name of that disease is Homophobia', 'Yeh Nahin Ke Gaye Hain'. In terms of music, Tanishq Bagchi's musical 'Gabaru' is at the eighth position in Radio Mirchi's Top Twenty while remixes like 'Are Pyaar Kar Le' are also being well liked.

Ayushmann Khurana's flamboyant as Karthik and 'Fuck Wala Wala' act as icing on the cake for the story. There is no doubt that Ayushmann not only took the risk of playing the gay character but also performed it very strongly. The biggest feature of his performance is that his gay character does not discriminate the viewer anywhere. Jitendra Kumar has to be praised that he did not prove to be nineteen anywhere as Aman. He has played his role in a very subtle style. As parents, the pair and chemistry of Nina Gupta and Gajraj Rao have entertained a lot. On the part of Nina and Gajraj, there has also been a lot of fun and emotional dialogues like 'Maa has a heart', 'Yaa baap to battery se chalta hai'. Both the actors have done well in the Mazahiya and Emotional scenes. Manvi Gagaru as the cousin Google in the supporting cast, Manushree Chadha in the role of uncle and Sunita Rajwar in the role of aunt have forced her to laugh openly.

The Censor Board has given it a certificate. However, this film, which created awareness about homose-xuality, should have been given a UA certificate.

Why Should Watch:
Movie wit open society message, if you are Ayushmann Khurana fan you can watch this movie along with youth, parents must also watch this film.

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