Artists: Karthik Aryan, Sara Ali Khan, Randeep Hooda, Aarushi Sharma
Director: Imtiaz Ali
Movie type: Romance

Duration: 2 hours 22 minutes

You might have read 'It's Complicated', usually next to the relationship status of youth on social media. Imtiaz Ali's 'Love Aaj Kal' also reflects the same complexities of love and relationship. Love is complicated and it cannot be perfect. Imtiaz has woven 'Love Aaj Kal' along the same lines. About 11 years ago, Deepika and Saif were presented with two different stories with the same title from today. This time too, they go ahead with the same format, but this time they have made this confusion so much that the viewer cannot connect himself with the story.

From the very first frame, the story runs with past and present. Career-oriented and Babaak Joi (Sarah Ali Khan) is the girl of today's age who passes time with boys, but does not want to get involved in a serious relationship because it does not become an obstacle in her career. One night, he meets a brave-looking hero who is a fool and is lost in his world, who is a programming engineer by profession. Joi is attracted to him, but when Veer does not make a physical relationship with Joi as a unique and special, Joi finds it very strange and rebuffs Veer, but Veer chases Joi, co-working with him. Reaches the place from where Joey works. The owner of the place, Randeep Hooda, tells Joi by making his love story feel that Veer is serious about him. In the nineties Raghu (Karthik Aryan, Randeep's youth) is so in love with Leena (Aarushi Sharma), a school scholar in Udaipur, that both of them get infamous in Udaipur. Raghu and Lina's love story has such an impact on Joi that she starts to understand the importance of Veer and falls in love with him. But then Joi's career and his confusions take their relationship to an unwanted turn, where Raghu and Lina's old school love also changes its color.

Talking about acting, Karthik Aryan has been cast as small town school boy Raghu. His transformation from a straight-laced boy to a colorful Ratan is strong, but as a heroic he has not had much opportunity to show his talent. Sarah is very beautiful and confident as Joey, but she has made her character loud in many places. She has failed to get into the depth of Joey's character. Debutant Aarushi Sharma has acted spontaneously and gracefully as Leena. She has been perfect in her role in every way. Strong actors like Randeep Hooda had nothing special to do in the film.

Director Imtiaz Ali has been adept at depicting the complexity of relationships and the pain and suffocation that is part of love, but this time the events of the two stories in past-present change so rapidly that the confusion grows. Many scenes of Raghu and Leena's love story are very cute, but Joey and Veer's love story runs on a different track. The emotional drama in the film is very high. The length of 2 hours 22 minutes begins to erode after a period. The screenplay is weak. But many dialogues such as ‘Aana to puru aana’ are catchy. Amit Roy's cinematography is fascinating. In Pritam's music, songs like 'Maybe' and 'Ya Main Wrong' have become powerful. 'Probably' is at number seven in Radio Mirchi's list of Top Twenty.

Why Should Watch:
Fans of Imtiaz Ali, Karthik and Sara can watch this film.

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