Artist:Himesh Reshammiya, Sonia, Manmeet Singh, Naresh Suri, Ashwin Dhar, Sejal Shah
Director: raka
Movie Type: Musical, Romance, Comedy
Duration: 2 hours 2 minutes

'Happy Hardy and Heer' is the tenth film of actor Himesh Reshammiya. Knowing his strengths and shortcomings as an artist, he has presented himself in double role with strong music. Seeing him in a double role on screen, it is known that he has worked hard on his acting side.

Story: Happy has been known as a loser since childhood, but the amazing thing is that he also celebrates his loss. Her childhood love Heer teases her with this attitude, but she considers Happy to be her closest friend. Hapi (Himesh Reshammiya), while stepping on the threshold of youth since childhood, fell in love with Heer (Sonia Mann), but he could never tell her his heart. An interesting twist in Heer, who likes Achievers, comes when Happy gets angry with Heer for insisting on doing something and in the meantime, Hardy, a popular singer and businessman called Heer's successful and achiever in life ( Himesh Reshammiya). Hardy starts liking Heer and Heer too. The desire of both is still climbing, that there is an accident where Heer comes to the cross and stands. He now has to choose between Looser and Achiever? Who will she choose? To know this, you have to watch the film.

Director Raka has shown kashmaksh like love and friend zone in the story. You can call it a romantic family film, which is reminiscent of 90s films. If Raka could have added a little drama and thrill to the sequels, the story would have been powerful, as it seems flat in many places, but he has managed to show the beauty of London. Chandan Kovli's cinematography is fascinating. The screenplay of the film could have been agile.

Himesh has grown as an actor. It does not seem strange to see them on screen. He chose a simple-simple role for himself, which he has adopted. Sonia Mann is cute and beautiful in her character. The supporting cast is fine. Music is the most powerful aspect of the film. Almost all the songs are being liked in Himesh Reshammiya's music. Himesh Reshammiya and Ranu Mandal's 'Teri Meri Kahani' has been well received by the music lovers. 'Qi Pai', 'Looteri', 'Aashiqui Me Teri' and 'Aa Aa Aashiqui Me Teri 2.0' are also pleasing to music lovers.

Why Should Watch:
Fans of Damdar Music and Himesh Reshammiya can watch this film.

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