Bunker Movie Review

Artists: Abhijeet Singh, Arindhita Kalita, Arnav Timcinia, Dev Ronsa, Baby Yashvi Waria
Director: Jugal Raja
Movie type: war drama
Duration: 1 hour 38 minutes

The favorite subject of filmmakers to feature war films has been the India-Pakistan battle. Director Jugal Raja has also posed as a 'bunker' for a similar attack between India and Pakistan, where intruders attack the Indian bunker in Poonch area of ​​Kashmir by violating the cease fire. The director has promoted it as an anti war movie, but that thing is not seen in the film. The story of the film seems contradictory to the issue.

Story: On the bunker of Indian Army Battalion No. 42 at Poonch (Kashmir), when the intruders breached the ceasefire in the dark of night, the bunker was occupied by Lieutenant Vikram Singh (Abhijit Singh), Subedar Sukhram (Arnav Timasina) ) And Captain (Dev Ronsa) were stationed. The enemy wants to hoist his flag on this bunker. Subedar and Captain are martyred in this attack and Lieutenant Vikram Singh is badly injured. He has a leg injury, with a terrible landmine. If it moves at all, the shell can burst and blow up the entire bunker. It stops appearing due to injury and inflammation. Help is late, so Vikram, while presenting his jambaji, fights the enemy hard. In this match, he has memories of his wife Swara (Arindhita Kalita) and his little baby doll and the feeling of being in their bunker.

Jugal Raja's intention to make the film cannot be doubted, but he could not execute the aspect of anti war in the film which he tried to show. The young man who sacrificed his life for the country is bound in the line of duty, but also has his own family and relationships, which remind him of his family obligations. The director has shown to some extent the mental state of the jawan growing close to death after being injured, but he could not add the futility of war anywhere. The film seems very boring in the first half and the second half also seems to be limited in bunker and one-two characters. The screenplay is weak and the length of the film is missed due to the lack of an elaboration of the story, but Rekha Bhardwaj's song, 'Laut ke ghar jaana hai' in the music of Kaushai Mahavir, makes the heart bind as the color stands. . Its choreography is also effective.

The film is also weak in terms of acting. Abhijeet Singh as Vikram Singh has tried hard in his role, but his character is half-baked. Arindhita Kalitha as Swara did not get much screen space. Other characters have also failed to make an impact.

Why to Watch: even if you do not watch this film, there is no harm.
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