The one who forgives is always greater than the one who apologizes, we often hear these things, yet do not know how many people are angry about how many things. Due to this, they remain unhappy themselves, want to make others unhappy to be punished as well. The Hollywood film 'A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood', directed by director Mariel Heller, is the story of one such person, Lloyd Vogel (Matthew Rees).

Story: Esquire Magazine's Investigative Journalist Lloyd is angered by the extent to which he hates his father Jerry (Chris Cooper). Lloyd is not willing to forgive his father in any way, even if he has been standing outside her house for two days. But this hatred and anger is somewhere negating his own personality. Meanwhile, Lloyd's editor assigns him to interview Fred Rodgers (Tom Hanks), the all-loved children's show presenter for the magazine's Hero series, as Fred is the only person willing to interview Lloyd. When Lloyd arrives on the set of Rodgers' show, he sees him trying to please a sick child by stopping the shooting. Lloyd thinks he will reveal Rodgers's mask of goodness to the world, but Fred's personality and words make such an impact on Lloyd that his thinking and attitude towards life changes.

Review: The film has a similar effect on the audience that you leave the theater by deciding to see life from a positive perspective, to be more compassionate towards others and to be a better person. Let me tell you that the film 'Can You Se… Hero?', Based on the article by journalist Tom Junaud of Esquire magazine, written on Fred Rodgers, the presenter of America's popular children's TV show Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood. based on. The film is also shown as an episode of Mr. Rodgers' show, in which we also meet his puppets and child toys, etc. The film seems a little slow at first, but as it progresses, it is suggested to solve all the problems of life. The film is a meditation of 1 hour 50 minutes, which explains the importance of patience, forgiveness, living for the happiness of others and goodness in life.

Talking of acting, Matthew Rees has managed to portray the complex of a broken man inside, playing Lloyd. At the same time, Tom Hanks binds Rodgers to his magical personality. His smile, speaking dialogues with pause, even silently listening to others, is wonderful. He has also received a nomination at the Oscars for this performance, which he really deserves. The music of the film and songs like Wood You Be My Neighbor and I Like You are also good to listen to. Overall, after spending a beautiful day in this 'Neighborhood' of Mr. Rodgers, your attitude towards life will definitely change.

Why should watch: This film is like ointment on the wounds of the age. For an optimistic view of life.
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