Release Date: 05 April 2019

Watch Time: 1 hr 52 mins

Genre: Thriller, Action

Director: Robbie Grewal

Cast: John Abraham, Mouni Roy, Jackie Shroff, Sikander Kher

There are fewer thriller films in Bollywood. The previous thriller was 'Raji' of Meghna Gulzar. 'Romeo Akbar Walter' is a new movie of this genre. 'Raw' is the story of an Indian spy who was sent to Pakistan in 1971 when India was supporting Bangladesh freedom from Pakistan. This was the time when there was an atmosphere of tension on the border and the Indo-Pak was on the verge of war.

The story begins with Akbar (John Abraham), which has been tortured by Pakistani Intelligence Officer Khudabkhash (Sikander Kher), Using the third degree, his nails have been uprooted. Pakistan Intelligence is suspected to be Akbar's Indian RAW spy From there the story travels in flashback. Romeo working in the bank is honest and brave. Romeo (John Abraham), is recruited by India’s foreign intelligence agency —(RAW) the Research and Analysis Wing.

He loves Sharadha (Mouni Roy) who works in the same bank. He lives with her mother. At one time his father had lost his life for the country and after that his mother had raised him in a common life away from the passion of patriotism, but the robberies in the bank changed his life forever. where John Abraham fight back fearlessly.

After that robory, Romeo is told that he has been elected as the RAW spy by Jackie Shroff, Chief of Raw and now he has to get ready to be spy and work for RAW in  Pakistan by becoming Akbar Malik. As a detective, he gets strenuous training.
Akbar Malik wins the faith of Pakistan's powerful weapon trader, Isaac Afridi (Anil George), but the Inter Services Intelligence Agent, Colonel Khudabkhash Khan (Sikander Kher) doubts him. Ultimately, when his true identity is exposed, that's where movie Climax is based.
How does he become Walter when he comes to Climax? You need to watch the movie to know this.

John Abraham has not been displayed as a superhero by the director. Romeo is seen as helpless and insecure just like a normal man in situations unfolding. The film which works in the angst is a monotonous and unimaginable way of telling the story of the film. The incredible climax of the film takes it down and down.

John Abraham is fit in his role in every way. He has done his very best to carry out his very best. Sikandar Kher as the Khudabakhsh proves the surprise package of the film. He has acted as a Pakistani ISI officer. Jackie Shroff is known for giving a different dimension to his roles and as a Srikant Rai, he also succeeds this time too. It is beyond comprehension that Mouni Roy has filled herself in order to be a part of the film. Anil George has done a great job as Isaac Afridi. Raghuvir Yadav's small role works as a relief in the film. Other characters have been average.The music side is a weak link to the film. Background score is fine.

This film could have been a good film, with Engaging Writing (Robbie Grewal, Isharak Elba, and Shreyash Pandey) that would force you to stick to the seat. Although director Robbie Grewal was not able to keep the audience in an angle because in the movie you can not connect emotionally to Romeo. While the story has twists and turns, but the direction of Grewal makes it monotonous rather than exciting.

Why to watch:
Can watch this movie, if you like spy movies. But don't expect pace which you expect from a Action packed Johan Abraham Movie's

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